Account viewer sample.

Account viewer sample - demonstrates how to extract account information with using Mail Processor API.

Any mail program store user mail accounts information - addresses of the incoming and outgoing mail servers, logins and passwords to access these servers.

Mail Processor allows you to receive this information (including passwords) using only two API functions.

The part of Delphi source code of the sample:

	 AcCount: integer; //account's counter
	 Account: TMString; //account information 
	 for AcCount := 0 to GetACCount - 1 do //enumerate all account for all mail programs
	   GetAC(AcCount, Account); //get selected account
	   WriteLn(StrPas(Account));//print account information 

To obtain this information from Windows mail programs, you must use protected storage (pstorec.dll) and / or crypto API and Interfaces like: PStoreCreateInstance, GetInitialized, GetProviderInfo