Mail Processor API

List of Mail Processor API, into categories:

Mailbox files level API: 
GetAllMailboxesGet a list of all registered in the system mailboxes.
GetMSOMailboxesGet a list of all registered MS Outlook mailboxes.
GetOEMailboxGet MS Outlook Express mailbox location.
GetTBMailboxGet Thunderbird mailboxes list.
FindMailboxesGlobal searching all known mailboxes files.
StopFindMailboxesStop FindMailboxes process.
GetMSOAutocompleteGet MS Outlook auto complete DB file location.
GetMSOvCardsGet MS Outlook vCard DB file location.
GetMSODefaultProfileGet MS Outlook default profile location (Address Book).
GetOEABPathGet MS Outlook Express Address Book location.
GetTBABPathGet Thunderbird Address Book location.

Mailbox level API: 
OpenMailboxOpen a mailbox file.
OpenMailboxExOpen a mailbox file with additional parameters.
CloseMailboxClose mailbox file.

Folder level API: 
GetFolderCountIndicates the number of folder object descendants of a mailbox file.
GetFolderPropGet properties of the specified folder object.

Mail level API: 
GetMailCountGet mail messages count of the specified folder.
GetMailPropGet properties of the specified mail message.
GetMailLengthGet the size of the selected mail message.
GetMailGet a source code of the specified mail message.
GetMailBodyLengthGet the size of the text part of the specified mail message.
GetMailBodyGet a text part of the specified mail message.

Restore level API - MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MS Windows Mail: 
CreateFolderCreate new folder.
DeleteFolderDelete exist folder.
CreateMailCreate new mail.
CreateMailFromFileLoad exist mail from file.
DeleteMailDelete exist mail

Attach level API: 
GetAttachCountIndicates the number of attaches of the specified mail message.
GetAttachPropGet properties of the specified attach of the specified mail message.
GetAttachLengthGet the size of the selected attach of the specified mail message.
GetAttachGet the specified attach from the specified mail message.

Importing - Exporting - Conversion API: 
EMLToMSGConvert message in RFC EML format to MS Outlook MSG message format.
MSGToEMLConvert MS Outlook MSG message format to message in RFC EML format.

Account information API: 
GetACCountGet all account list count.
GetACGet account information from account list.

Address Book API: 
GetMSOABGet MS Outlook contacts.
GetOEABGet MS Outlook Express contacts.
GetTBABGet Thunderbird contacts.

Data Structures: 
TFolderPropDefines the properties of mailbox folder object.
TMailPropDefines the properties of mail message object.
TAttachPropDefines the properties of mail message attach object.

Mail Processor events: 
RegistEventHandlerSet window Handle where Mail Processor put event messages.

Registration and library version routines: 
GetCoreVersionGet a current version of Mail Processor library engine.
SetRegisterKeyRegisters an Mail Processor library with a specified registration key.
GetRegisterStatusGet a registration status of the current copy of Mail Processor library.
GetRegisterInfoDisplays a personal info of the registered user.

Debug routines: 
SetDebugModeTurns ON or OFF debug mode.
ShowDebugConsoleTurns ON or OFF a debug console.

Mailbox and engines routines: 
SetMSOLibraryLets to specify a fully qualified file and pathname of the MS Outlook interface library.
GetMailInEMLFormatTurn ON or OFF a mode for retrieving mail messages in RFC-format.

Error Codes: 
Error codes list