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What is Mail Processor?

Mail Processor DCI Mail Processor SDK is a solution for simplify mail software development, which supports Outlook, Outlook Express, Live Mail, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Incredimail and Eudora.
DCI Mail Processor help you processing mail program contents - mail messages, attached files, contact items and account information.
With using the DCI Mail Processor you are saving time, effort and money. DCI Mail Processor supports all popular mail programs, and you do not change anything in your application, if you need using Outlook to Thunderbird.
If you're first time on this site, please start from reviewing the demonstration application and video tutorials that will help to quickly understand the possibility of DCI Mail Processor.

NEW: Download DCI Mail Processor + ActiveX components (RC1) [01/17/2011]
Download DCI Mail Processor latest version [10/7/2010]
Download DCI Mail Processor latest version [8/31/2010]
Download DCI Mail Processor version [8/7/2010]
Download DCI Mail Processor version [7/22/2010]

DCI Mail Processor supports GCC, VS C/C++, C#, VB.NET, VB.6 and Delphi.

Mail Processor License does not limit you to the number of developers inside your company and not limited the number of software products using Mail Processor.

Mail Processor developed many years, so you will receive updates and expansion.

If you not found solution in Mail Processor - please contact us, we will solve any problem related with mail programs.

Your opportunities with DCI Mail Processor

Your application will be compatible with 7 mail programs:
MS Outlook - all versions, mail messages, contacts, account information (with passwords), access way EMAPI (read/write) (without using EMAPI click here)
MS Outlook Express - all versions, mail messages, contacts, account information (with passwords), access way MAPI (read/write) and without using MAPI - direct DBX parsing (read only).
MS Windows Mail - all versions, mail messages, contacts, account information (with passwords), access way MAPI (read /write).
MS Live Mail - all versions, account information (with passwords), access way parsing.
Thunderbird - version 2.x.x, mail messages, contacts, account information (with passwords) access way parsing (read only).
Eudora - version 1.x.x, mail messages, contacts, access way parsing (read only).
Incredimail - all versions, account information (with passwords), access way parsing.

You use one Source Code for all 7 mail programs. We recommend look at the Mail Processor demonstration applications.

About mail messages

Mail Messages - copy of email stored in mail program (email received or created by the user). With using the DCI Mail Processor you can work with the entire email - save to disk or database, or with part of email (from, to, subject, text body, attaches).

For example, save all attached files from all Outlook's mail messages, will take 5-10 lines of source code with using DCI Mail Processor API (see example). If you to do the same with Thunderbird you will not change your source code, so you save time and effort. Read below on how to easily replace any used mail program.

Mail message to file sample

Mail program access

Some mail programs provide a Mail API (MAPI or EMAPI). In order that the developer would be able to work with copies of mail messages stored in these mail programs.

Using the Mail Processor you can not think of it, works with all MAPI and EMAPI with one Mail Processor API interface. This will allow you to change the used mail program without changing your source code, it is very convenient.

Parsing - an alternative to using MAPI/EMAPI, if the mail program is not installed, or you do not want to use it, Mail Processor gives you the opportunity to work with its contents.

You can choose a convenient way for you, or both, it is "transparent" for your source code. See an example of how to work with all mail programs without changing source code.

Mail viewer sample

Account Information

If you use Mail Processor, then you have all the user account information. Example, you're a CRM system developer and you need analysis of user correspondence, while the emails are on the mail server. You just get account information (including passwords), and receive user 's emails through the Internet.

Account viewer sample

Buy Mail Processor

Mail Processor Buy Mail Processor for 299.95$ right now.
Mail Processor Source Buy Mail Processor with Source Code on Delphi for 599.95$ right now.

In a separate contract, we provide service to porting DCI Mail Processor Source Code to any programming languages or development of such software 'from scratch'

Please contact us

Please contact us, we will answer any technical questions regarding Mail Processor and mailers.

Download Mail Processor