DCI Outlook Recovery


DCI Outlook Recovery, designed to recovery and view Outlook pst and ost files.

Download latest version [2.1 at 2 MAY 2011]

We are sure you are familiar with concepts such as Outlook, pst and ost files, otherwise you would't have visited this site. Our customers have two goals - to recovery the damaged Outlook files or view the contents of this files.

Using DCI Outlook Recovery for pst and ost recovery - a commercial All other features and tools - a free.


The True:
We can't guarantee 100% recovery of damaged files - each damage type is unique. For this reason, we can't demand payment before you are convinced that the necessary data can be recovered.

DCI Outlook Recovery is a few solutions in one - a free utility for viewing the contents of the damaged files and software for store recovered data.

Please first make sure that the corrupted data are available for viewing, if so - buy DCI Outlook Recovery registration key and disable the store data limitation.

Proceed as follows, it will not take you much time:

DCI Outlook Recovery has a free utility for viewing the pst and ost file contents. When you're convinced that you can view objects inside the pst or ost - buy a registration key for DCI Outlook Recovery. Using this key you disable the limitation on file recovery.

Supports Outlook versions:

  • Outlook 97
  • Outlook 98
  • Outlook 2000
  • Outlook 2002
  • Office Outlook 2003
  • Office Outlook 2007
  • Outlook 2010

Supports pst and ost files:

  • Outlook 97 - 2002 - 32-bit
  • Outlook 2003 - Outlook 2010 64 bit

Bonus: DCI Mail Processor SDK with free applications for work with more popular mail programs content. It is more than 7 free tools.

If a decision has not been found?
If your pst and ost files don't contain private information, and their recovery is very important to you - you can send these files to us, and we will try to help you. It is also helpful for us, in this way we continually improve our product, so this service is free.

To disable limitation:

Buy DCI Outlook Recovery one license for 19.95$