How it works

Our way of cooperation:

We understand that outsourcing is related with risk for customers and developers. So we prefer to begin our cooperation with small project. In this case, reduces the risk and simplifies the estimation of project cost.

Prior to begin implementation of the project, we aim to clarify all details and issues associated with. Only after we agree the requirements, vision of implementation, schedule and cost we can start the project.

Design, Create & Implement does not limit size and timing of the project. However, we would be to begin our cooperation with small projects and gradually moving to larger.

Project implementation phases:

Design, Create & Implement develops each project based on individual customer requirements.

Using the latest tools for software development, we provide high quality service that ensures receipt of a successful and competitive in the market.

Discussion phase:

At this phase we are discussing with the customer requirements and vision of the project. We describe how the project will be developed, what technologies are used and other details related to the project.

When a customer approved requirements, vision implementation, schedule and cost, we conclude a contract and begin the implementation phase.

Implementation phase:

At this phase, according to the schedule, the development team is implementing the project. Usually, we determine issue alpha and beta versions, so that the customer would be able to see the progress of the work.

If the duration of the project more than 6 weeks, we determine the paid phases of the project. At the end of each phase, we provide our customer with yet version, the customer checks the quality of work performed and paid by phase, than we pass the source code of this phase.

Testing phase:

At this phase, we conduct internal testing, and only after our test lab is satisfied in the absence of bugs, we send the finished product to the customer, to check on his side.

Once the customer confident in completing the project, we expect payment from him. Immediately after receiving the payment we send the source code and ownership of the product to the customer.

Maintenance and support:

We guarantee technical support for the executed software product - bug fixing, advice on technical issues associated with the product and the source code.