ActiveX components 01/12/2011

DCI Mail Processor SDK now supports ActiveX components for building your application faster.


A new service - design houses and interiors 09/24/2010

Enjoy our many interior design services, decorating pictures and design links which. Let us help with your room layout solutions.


DCI Registry Defrag version 1.4 is released 08/31/2010

New at version 1.4:

  • Multilanguge's support
  • Video tutorial is released
  •

    DCI Mail Processor version is released 08/27/2010

    New at version

  • Additional mail message properties - create and receive date in string data type
  • More C# Mail Processor API call samples - mail messages viewing winForm application
  •

    DCI Mail Processor video tutorials 08/20/2010

    DCI Mail Processor video tutorials is released and uploaded


    Visual Basic for .NET samples released 07/22/2010

    Implemented 4 new example of use the DCI Mail Processor API with Visual Basic

  • View mail messages stored at MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MS Livemail, MS Windows Mail, Thunderbird and Eudora at Visual Basic application.
  • View account information at MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MS Livemail, MS Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora and Encredimail on Visual Basic application.
  • Load new mail messages to MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express and MS Windows Mail on Visual Basic application.
  •

    DCI Mail Processor is released 06/24/2010

    DCI Mail Processor for developers who work with mail programs contents - folders, mail messages, attaches, contacts and account information. DCI Mail Processor is a collection of solutions(SDK) for MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MS Livemail, MS Windows Mail, Thunderbird and Eudora. Using the DCI Mail Processor you are saving time, effort and money. DCI Mail Processor supports all popular email programs, and you do not change anything in your application, if you need using MS Outlook to Thunderbird.


    Registry Defrag 2010 is released 05/02/2010

    Registry Defrag 2010:

  • Optimizes registry by removing fragments, gaps and wasted space in registry files.
  • Use registry map to evaluate the condition of the registry.
  • De-fragmentation level is analyses before you start de-fragmentation process.
  •

    PST Reader beta is released 04/10/2010

    PST Reader beta has been posted on the DCI-Software Web Site. In the future we plan to implement SDK based PST Reader, now we put this product on sale with source code.

    PST Reader reads the contents of MS Outlook PST and OST files without using MAPI or EMAPI, which is very good for using in cross platform and backup software.