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PST Reader

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What is .PST and .OST files?

Personal Storage Table (.pst) is a file used to store copies of folders tree, mail messages, contact items and other items within Microsoft software such as MS Outlook, MS Exchange Client and Windows Messaging

In MS Exchange Server, all the data items are delivered to and stored on the server. MS Outlook stores these items in a personal-storage-table (.pst) or off-line-storage-table (.ost) files that are located on the local computer. Most commonly, the .pst files are used to store archived items and the .ost files to maintain off-line availability of the items.

What is a .PST and .OST files parsing?

Parsing is the act of splitting up information into items (folders, mail messagtes, contact items and other data items).

What is a PST Reader application?

A PST Reader is a parser which analyses PST and OST files to identify the data items. All applications that worked with PST and OST files need a parser solution, otherwise they'd never be able to figure out what the information means.

PST Reader works with MS Outlook versions 2007, 2003, XP, 2002, 2000, 98 and 97. PST Reader can recovery components from corrupted PST and OST files.

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How to buy PST Reader?

PST Reader is application designed to demonstrate the capabilities of our PST parser. We offer PST Reader in the source code on Delphi or/and our development services based on our solutions. We can also provide a library (DLL) with the PST parsing functionality, for use in your application.

PST Reader price is negotiable and depends on the conditions of sale. We also consider the possibility of transferring exclusive rights.

Please note that we also can offer to you MS Outlook Express DBX parser, Thunderbird Mailbox parser and Eduora MBX parser.

Please contact us and we can discuss price and terms of our services and software products.

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